About Us

Our mission is to become the recognized and respected open forum and network of .NET professionals in Switzerland. Focused on the Microsoft .NET Framework and surrounding technologies, our user group is founded on the 3-E theory of education, exposure and entertainment:

Education for the members

  • Material posted to web site
  • Monthly meeting presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Advanced training provided by the user group, Microsoft, and third parties

Exposure for the contributors

  • Meetings provide networking opportunities for businesses and professionals to come together and collaborate
  • Sponsorship of the user group
  • Guest speakers from third parties
  • Member benefits provided by local business

Entertainment for all

  • Special events
  • Celebrity speakers
  • Prizes
  • Group tours and excursions

We have also created a detailed FAQ that addresses questions on various aspects of this user group and its function.

Essence of a User Group

On our first user group meeting, celebrity speaker Richard Hale Shaw provided some great insight into the essence of user groups and how they exist to support the community of their members. The short speech was so good, in fact, that we’ve decided to make it available here as a video.

Richard Hale Shaw on User Groups

Available formats:

  • Windows Media 340 Kbps (20 MB)
  • Windows Media 150 Kbps (8.87 MB)

Meet the Board

Atif Aziz
President and Program Director
Roman Mathis
Vice President and Membership Director
Dominique Kuster
Treasurer and Secretary

Following is a description of the roles and responsibilities attributed to members of the board:

The user group president is the head cheerleader. It is the President’s role to be the master-of-ceremonies, to get people excited about .NET developments and about attending user group meetings.
Vice President
The Vice President is able to fulfill all the responsibilities of the President.
Membership Director
The Membership Director is responsible for all things related to the membership list. This includes maintaining the list, as well as sending meeting announcement mailings to it.
Program Director
The Program Director is responsible for liaising with speakers and proposing meeting topics. This includes soliciting feedback and suggestions from the meeting attendees.
The Treasurer is responsible for charging dues, accepting corporate sponsorships and all funds related to the group.

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