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Welcome to dotMUGS, the largets .NET user group of Switzerland! First time here? Get help on how to get started!

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“It was a great pleasure for me to attend this event. I want to thank you for the perfect organization and for taking the effort of make all this happen. To get that much of detailed information about Spring was kind of an eye-opener for me in terms of understanding the principles of a framework. Personally I moved a bit away from development throughout the years, but it is still of great interest to me to be informed about what’s going on in the .NET world. I could not think of any better way to get such valuable information first-hand.”—Klaus

“I just wanted to thank you for bringing this inspiring and delicious-food-for-thought talk to the community. It was great and I enjoyed it a lot. thanks again”—Christian

Savor Smoothie Tips From Around the Web

Undeniably, there is so much around the web. It is our major source of information and keep us on the fast track of what’s new and latest.  In fact, many people just rely on their clicks as the internet gives them their needed information. Amazingly, even when it comes to food and beverages, the web has a flash of incredible information sources and websites.  Internet posts can be great sources of smoothie recipes that keep you going well in the blending world.You can avail of them anytime.

Smoothies are perfect for your diet, as replacements for your meals or as snack recipes. These blended beverages are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables which make these concoctions nutritious and delicious. Many people want to try their blending experiments and so they opt to buy ninja blenders right for them. They have seen amazing reviews of ninja blenders that are good and have checked for their amazing features. Health conscious people feel the importance of adding smoothies to their health diet because they are aware that these delights are full packed with nutrients needed for optimal health.  This way has been the best remedy for the health as it is seen as the most efficient way of getting more loads of fruits and veggies on a daily basis. 

 Check for Helpful Smoothie Recipes

Tons of smoothie recipes will make your stressful day so relaxing and refreshing. It is just like enjoying your delicious desserts with the whole family. Tips for creating super healthy smoothies from around the web make health conscious juicing fanatics more confident in having their own smoothie experiments.  Rich and flavorful smoothies are products of your best mixture of fruits and veggies.  Your nutrient-packed leafy greens are the best ingredients for your smoothie recipe that will boost your energy level and improve your overall health. Research for your green smoothie recipe and experience its great impact on your health. Learn about creating berry green or some basic fruit smoothies.  Think of what you can best do with your mangos, banana, papayas, pineapple and a lot more.

juicing ideas

Choose the Right Ninja Blender

Whether you are a beginner or a serious food enthusiast it’s but necessary to always consider the best ninja blender that will be a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances.  Your choice of a blender will matter. If you are really enthusiastic about smoothies or let’s say it is really one of your concerns every day, then choosing the right ninja blender for your needs is extremely necessary. Check for reviews that can be very useful as references that will make you grow in the blending world.

Getting Fresh Ideas From Tasty Cooking Videos


What are your cooking best preferences? Are you updated with what is healthy and pure? Do you love to cook, don’t you? But, you have no time. Take notice of quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make your kitchen the heart of your home and cooking will turn out to be your most favorite act at home.   To help you on this, check our Cookers Den and go into the decent reviews carefully and weigh things out. It is a trustworthy guidance for convenient cooking.

Get that Dish and those Healthy Inspirations

More often times we are easily influenced by what we see. Cooking videos are one of these great influences. We can get amazing cooking techniques from cooking presentations on the internet. Your eyes are fed on the delicious, mouthwatering menu that your palate finds irresistible. Then come a time that you want to emulate what you have seen to prove if it’s real, tasty and delicious. Your discerning palate becomes the connoisseur of good meals.

Easy meal ideas are just in front of you. They are on your screen. Click the mouse and the perfect demonstrations appear. Get inspired and apply the fresh ideas in your smart kitchen. Best videos on easy meal ideas are prepared for cooking fanatics like you.

Never skip the “how-to” videos on preparing healthy meals that you will incorporate in your homemade recipes.  Just sit, relax, and watch.  These cooking videos provide you amazing ideas on preparing good food. Watch every detail and improve your cooking techniques. These video guides feature amazing ideas of great chefs and celebrity chefs from all over the world. Hence, you will find out that meal preparation or cooking is not that difficult and complex at all.

Watch this cooking video and find out inspiring cooking ideas that you can use to improve your cooking techniques.

The cookery guidance makes every day cooking fun and exciting. It illuminates the world in the kitchen. Cooking videos will also give you amazing tips on what to prepare for breakfast, what is best for lunch and what is healthy for dinner.

Aside from looking into fresh cookery techniques, cooking will be made healthier if you browse on food facts and information.  Explore the internet for amazing cooking ideas. Take them fresh and experience the great taste  your chosen recipes offer.  Incorporate the fresh ideas from cooking videos to your quality home cooking.

Taking the Best Option for the Cut on the Dot

Precise… Sharp… Exact…Accurate…On the dot! Let’s give the most appropriate recognition to the top table saws. Woodworkers and professionals have proven the worth of this power tool. It is known for its amazing cross, rip, angle, and all the different types of cuts. The quality of this tool has served its overriding credibility as one of the great power saws in the market.

Expert woodworkers and Do it Yourself individuals and hobbyists find great assistance from the table saw. They are backed up with utmost convenience while utilizing the equally hardworking saw. It is in this light that the table saw reaps no regrets among its clients. Instead, it harvests acclaims. The table saw’s unsurpassed efficiency is an asset of the woodworker. It makes its clients or users more confident to make the precise cuts on the material. The man behind the saw has something to be proud of. He is sure of his exquisite masterpiece.

Guided by the decent and the most recent reviews of table saws, the expert takes the best opportunity of taking the best option to make the cut on the dot. The table saw will be of great usage if its manipulation is strictly based on the manufacturing guides. In other words, safety precautions must not be overlooked nor ignored because no matter how prepared you will be in making the cuts, and no matter how credible is the table saw brand and model you are using all will be put to nothing if the operator is not mindful of the safety tips. Just a friendly reminder from the writer, don’t make your table saw your best enemy! Instead, use it properly and it can be your great assistant in the wood shop. Gain its trust and never betray its efficiency.

using a table saw

The table saw is known for its versatility. It ensures perfect cuts every time. Learn amazing tricks and techniques from the web and from experienced experts. Get recent updates and innovations of the table saw. Don’t play pretend that you are an omniscient operator.  Never hesitate to make constructive queries about this tool so that you will be confident each time the sharp rotating blade touches down the material.

Best Pool Ideas You Should Know Before You Dive!


Ooops!  Check the best pool cleaner to give you an idea of what is this all about.  Make your backyard a relaxing treat. Support your amazing pool interest with best ideas to make every swimming stroke worthwhile.  Well, you have to be certain with your decision to have your own backyard pool. It may sound so basic, but this should be.  Owning a pool needs a big chunk of your budget. It is pretty expensive.  That is why; you should be firm with your choice.

Why do people invest for a pool at home? Some would say that the owning a swimming pool will make you find a way to always spend quality time with your family. Other pool owners have the intention of enhancing their lifestyle. Financial investors would say that having a swimming pool would add to the curb appeal of the home, thus making it salable. Owning a pool will not only give you a refreshing relaxation but also an enriching life.

Swimming pools come in different shapes and sizes which are gauged to the interests and preferences of the owners as well the backyard landscapes and the maintenance requirements.

How do you want your pool to be?

You should consider what you really need. You need to focus on the perfect pool for the whole family that will also fit your environs.  Would like to have a low maintenance pool? Would it be for fitness? Family fun? Pool parties? Or would you want it to cater all these?  Focus on what’s important for it will speak of its long-term use.

Look into Impressive Pool Designs  

Best pool designs and ideas will make your swimming pool more enchanting and stunning. Your pool’s beauty will keep you home. Hence , it will make you realize that the home is where the heart is.

What makes a pool incredible? Pretty well, it’s the design.  The best design makes the splash. Will it be garden-inspired, lap pool, infinity pool or naturalistic pool? The shape and features of your pool must also coincide to your style and personality. Here are some of the best designs that inspire home pool owners and business pools.

Traditional Pool

These pools are rectangular in shape.  This may seem an old –fashioned style but still it is impressively used by people for its perfect space. It can give you leisure and fun while enjoying the captivating landscape in your backyard.

Overlooking Pool

Swimming with a view is holistic. It creates moments of tranquillity. Designing your pool with a delightful view surrounding your place makes it more tempting in the water.

Rock-Star Fanatic

 Go for spectacular shapes that showcase your favorite star and your best interests. It is who you are.  This will make your pool a star for all seasons.  Your pool speaks of your heart’s desires.

Garden-Inspired Pool

This will make the most of your pool.  Your flower pots can make a bountiful garden. Colorful flowers and an impressive array of green plants signify nature.  Your perfect landscape will make your garden-pool more aesthetic.


Ensure the elegant and amazing features of your pool. This speaks about maintenance and the total cleanliness of your pool. The cleaning is also a big part of the investment. One should not ignore its importance or you will experience major drawbacks along the way. The maintenance should involve the best automatic pool cleaner to ensure a super clean pool and a safe swimming. 

Is it Possible to Learn Hunting Online?

Hunting is a skillful shooting tradition.  This old-aged pursuit has taken its magnificence online.  Before we get into detail about learning hunting online, check our website at http://spottingscopereviews.net/best-rifle-scope-reviews-guide/. These amazing riflescope reviews give an impressive array of choices that entice your shooting preferences.


Many hunting institutions offered hunting education online. Comprehensive instructions are given as part of the official training program that will give you the most awaited hunting certificate.  This is mandatory.  Getting a hunting license is not that easy. You have to extend amazing efforts before gaining your hunting certificate and license. You need to master hunting laws and regulations to avoid future drawbacks. Be serious with your passion. It makes your life meaningful.

Why Take an Official Online Hunter Education Course?

If you are die-hard of hunting and it is your greatest passion, learning about it becomes a necessity and a responsibility. Be a responsible hunter. That is why hunter education is made available that will pay due respect to your busy life.


Hunter education makes you learn significant knowledge or the “know-how” of hunting. Moreover, a newbie in the field has to master the skills and to develop the desirable attitude of a hunter.  Traditional and instructor- led hunting instructions are good and effective, yet this would not address your busy life. Practical shooting training is part of the hunter education. If this is not possible, you still have another alternative to fit the training into your schedule.  Online demonstrations,

  Your time is precious; hence you should make the most of it. Online hunting courses will make you learn about this outdoor activity at the comforts of your home. It provides you the opportunity to learn at your own pace without configuring your timetable.

By completing the hunter education online, you can now boast of your certificate and be a humane hunter.

Practice survival and be a terrific hunter. It is getting certified online. Enrolling in hunter education courses is very intereting and exciting. Leran how to hunt online in an amazing way. Never hesitate to do it.  It is convenient and easy to learn. 

Amazing Tie-up of Archery and Video Games

video games

What are your favourite archery video games? Playing archery in a real setting is exciting and fun. The shooting schemes bring delightful experiences. As you go over this post, make it a point that you have a clear picture of what archery offers. Archery as a competitive sport and a healthy recreational activity requires you to be well-versed of the different equipment to be used. Just on time, we can provide you informative reviews about different kinds of archery bows. Check our website about this stuff at http://bowjudge.com/.

The thrill of shooting arrows at a target is exhilarating. It stimulates all your senses as you nock your bow, aim, and release. If you missed the target, release more arrows as much as you can. This is true in video games.

The world of archery is not limited to indoor and outdoor shooting range alone. It has become an interactive subject in video gaming which has created a great impact on the lives of people of all ages. Video game virtual archers have inspired real life archers aiming to give their best shot.

Few trends have made the game more thrilling and interesting. Even though it’s just virtually displayed on-screen and on-line, focus is still one of the prerequisites.The lifelike animations make the game more real. The graphics have improved and a lot better than a few years ago. The targets have been made more elusive. The “thwack” has been a reverberating sound like no other. Hitting targets have become more challenging and luring to the extent that you can;t just stop yourself from being engaged with the archery inspired  world of video gaming.

Video gaming that features archery creates interests among people whether young or old. They love the shooting games. They make it real. The World Wide Web is made more interactive because it is awash with virtual games that require the active involvement of the player.

Online video games have become obsessed of the bow and arrow. Archery is a blast in the Tomb Raider. In video games, we play as the archer and it is a lot of fun. Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III and Crysis 3  are perfect examples of amazing virtual action adventures. These archery video games appeal to a wide range of tastes. These shooting video games are full packed with strong stories of action and adventure through the adaptation of bow and arrow as the primary weapon. There seems to be a reverse evolution of the assault rifle as the original weapon.

archery video game

We can show our shooting skills whenever we like to. You can have the shooting range and the equipment. We can propel arrows on screen whether in hunting or shooting at targets.In video games, we play as the archer and it is a lot of fun. Join archery in actual setting now!

Work on your shots now in your best archery-inspired video games. At a later time, aim your arrows at real targets and fire your shooting interests  and be amazed of both experiences.

Our Spotting Scope Adventure

For many years, the use of spotting scopes for sale have been the best form of energy that many people use from over the world especially due to its numerous benefits. The following are 5top benefits of using a spotting scopes for sale;

Long-tailed widowbird male in breeding plumage, Marievale Bird Sanctuary, South Africa 20131015

Wind a natural source of energy that is available freely as a natural resource. This means that you do not need to use resource to obtain it and this makes it one of the best energy sources in the world. Unlike other sources of energy such as coal and geothermal, you do need extensive research to discover its presence. After the research I am very sure that this is the best spotting scope review site.

Using a spotting scopes for sale is one of the cost effective sources of energy that you can use when looking for the best sources of energy that you can use when looking for ways to reduce the amount of money that you will spend on your bills. Research in the past has shown that people who use wind energy has the ability to reduce their energy bills by up to 40 percent. You will always use it right when making your decision right easily.

Using a spotting scopes home wind generator is one of the ways that you can use when looking for ways to protect the environment. This is also one of the ways to use when protecting the environment from extreme degradation. Adopting home wind energy also gives you an opportunity to take personal responsibility of protecting the environment for future generation.

As opposed to other forms of spotting scopes such as coal and petroleum, home wind power from home wind generator is a way that will guarantee you energy for many years. Why say this? You need to be sure that you will always get your energy at all the times. This makes it another alternative ways if you want to be sure of getting the best a long-term source of energy. For those people looking for an effective and efficient source of energy, wind energy made through a home wind generator is the best alternative that you can use as you look for the best source of energy that fits your needs.

This will also make you forget the fear of power blackouts when compared to other sources of energy that people often use. In conclusion, with the use of spotting scopes for sale, you will always be in that position to reduce your cost, have a reliable power and enhance the friendliness of the environment. Ultimately, this will help you redefine your living standards.

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